The Fit3d scanner

The latest in body scanning technology

Our Fit3D Scanner shows you all your measurements as well as a 3D avatar image of your body. This is the best way to SEE your progress, with the ability to compare images side by side to be able to analyze your progress visually.

ProScanner Product Details

Everything you need to fuel your Programming

See your body in 3d

This is the best way to see changes that the scales do not reflect. See your muscles, see you body shape as it changes.

access your body scans anywhere

Cloud based reports so you can log in and see your scans anywhere, anytime.


This visual form of statistic tracking is highly motivating for you to train hard, eat well and make as much progress as possible before your next scan.


STEP 1 Create an Account

Create an account on any device & then step onto our body scanner.

STEP 2 Take a Scan

Login on the tablet & take a quick 35-second scan. Data is sent to our cloud for processing.

STEP 3 Results Delivered

A digital report is emailed to you.

You can log in to your dashboard to compare previous scans with your current one.