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hybrid training

Hybrid training covers a variety of types of training that increases functional physical fitness, plus physical and mental strength. With mindful movement, you can add incredible value to every part of your life.

This is TRULY training for LIFE.

nutrition coaching

Using current scientifically PROVEN nutrition and training principles and suiting them to your lifestyle. We teach you how to achieve realistic and sustainable results without imposing restrictions that make you want to give up. You’ll easily implement each program, evolving you, enabling you to reach your goals.


I am so thrilled with my progress over the past 4 mnths of training with Tamsin.I’ve never had such a professional, dedicated, knowledgeable push me to my limits trainer ever!I feel stronger, more confident and thrilled to be finally toning and losing weight.In fact I’m addicted to weights , to what can be achieved, and excited for the future.


1000% recommend Tamzin and her program. I am so stoked with my results, strength and confidence so far and can’t wait to keep going. I’m so surprised with how far I can push myself and definitely couldn’t have done it without Tamzin ?


I have been training with Tamzin for a while now, I absolutely love our workouts.I tried to do the whole do it on my own but I lacked the discipline!Tamzin pushes me, but works in with my injuries and limits!I look forward to every single workout!


Tamzin and her program is amazing ???For a weights newbie, my strength, confidence and mindset has improved in leaps and bounds!! She puts 110% into all her clients and I wouldn’t be able to have done it without her!


“Rebel Hybrid is the absolute bomb? Returning to training, correcting your form, direction and motivation, the confidence and knowledge to build your weight , or absolutely anything…hit these legends up! Tamzin Rebel has trained me – and it’s the best I have felt in myself, the strongest and the leanest I have been. They are dynamite ?

Jessica Wilde

I really want to thank you and Beau. I am so glad I started training with you, I have NEVER enjoyed any type of training, but I am really enjoying going. I even enjoyed this morning’s session, cardio but short bursts I can deal with 😂 I never thought I would enjoy working out and be excited to go to the gym, but I love it. I always felt like I was too old, too unfit to go to the gym but each week I am feeling a little stronger and a little more confident. Thank you!”

Karen Barr

“I’ve been training with Tamzin now since August last year after nearly 2 years of minimal exercise and it has been a game changer. I am excited to get up of a morning and have her coach me. Tamzin is so knowledgeable, approachable and pushes you every time you see her which is what I needed.

If you’re looking to get back into it and feel good again, Tamzin is your go to! Thanks so much Tamzin for cheering me on every day you train me 💚
Sarah S.

Rebel Hybrid (Tamzin) , you are a life saver. Not only have you changed my life physically, and mentally for the better, but you have changed it for my family and friends too. The life skills you have taught me and continue to teach me each and everyday, I’ll be forever grateful for . You are the best coach I’ve ever come across. You care so deeply for all your clients, and I see the passion and commitment you put into changing all of their lives. You are amazing. I’m forever grateful to have you in my life helping me smash my fitness goals and more. I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good coach to jump onboard, you won’t be disappointed. 💪💚💪💚💪

Dayna M.

Tamzin is an amazing trainer. She will push to your own limits and then congratulate you for doing it. She is easy to get along with and will make sure you are doing the movements correctly. I couldn’t be more happy with Tamzin as a trainer.

Andrew F.

“Fantastic accommodating trainer who can definitely cater to your goals and help you push on. Thanks to Rebel my stamina and endurance is improving leaps and bounds for my sport of motocross.”

Carly G.

“Have trained with Tamzin for 15 months and am blessed to have joined this amazing group. Tamzin produces great results and is an amazing and generous person who continues to challenge and motivate me.”

Melissa F.

“Tamzin is fantastic! She made training fun, with the right combination of encouragement and push. She tailored my workouts not only to my goals but to my mood and amount of sleep I had the night before! I would highly recommend Tamzin to anyone looking for personal trainer.”

Sarisha H.

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